Art Collection

Located in a recently refurbished Victorian building, The Caesar’s interior houses a unique collection of original Roman mosaics, true gems from ancient Syria, which have been used to decorate the hotel’s common areas, including the hall, restaurant and meeting room.

In Roman times, mosaics were luxuries only found in wealthy homes, used not only to cover walls and floors but also as propaganda for the man of the house. The dozen  of pieces on show date mostly to the II and VI centuries a.C., they present the rich polychromes of the Syrian mosaics and a vast iconography which represents geometric themes by means of combinations of varied shapes: ranging from circles, squares, waves, diamond shapes and zigzag lines to plant and animal motifs, often related to circus shows or local fauna.

One of the mosaics found at the hotel represents an eagle, a krater and two deer, which in Roman times were elements which represented pagan symbols and, upon Christianity becoming established, these elements were adapted to represent symbols related to the Church and eternity and immortality.


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